Relaxed or a walking zombie 

I get told all the time that I look so relaxed and that I look like I’m copping so well with having a wild almost 2 year old boy and a new born baby girl. 

And to tell you the truth I seriously don’t know if they are looking at the right person or not because I feel so damn tired all the time. I could be talking to my son in the morning about what he is going to do at daycare and then I yawn mid sentence. I start singing to the radio and I’m in a mid bust out to Beyoncé and then I yawn. It just comes out of no where. I just don’t know how one person can yawn so much in a day.

My farmer doesn’t do it so it must just be a mum thing. I’m a yawning addict! 

Now to the relaxed look. I think they must just be confusing that with the I just woke up look or as I like to call it a walking talking zombie. Because there is no way I’m that relaxed. The farmer on the other hand is the most relaxed person I have ever met. Nothing fazes this man. A boom could go off and his expression could stay the same the whole time. Or a drill sergeant could scream in his face and he would just take it without a worry in the world. 

I’m a walking talking zombie, with dirty unbrushed hair, food on my clothes, leaking milk onto my top because I forgot to put new breast pads on once again and no make up so all my freckles are out. Thank god my freckles kind of hide the bags under my eyes. 

I’m definitely not a mum who makes sure she always leaves the house with make up on. I’m lucky enough to leave the house with everything I need for the kids and myself. I really need to work on my self organising skills. 

So me the zombie when I want to sleep I’m not allowed to but when I can sleep I can’t. I really just want to sleep all day and work all night but that really isn’t going to work out for this family.

For now this zombie needs to catch some zzzzzzs so until next time ladies xx

The Young Farm Wife 
Photo: selfie taken at 8.30pm after a shower with unbrushed hair because I’m so scared to brush it with all the knots. Curly hair ladies would totally understand when you let it go out of control. With my freckles in full force, soon all my freckles will combine into just one massive freckle! 

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