I’m going coconuts 

If you haven’t started using coconut oil then you need to start right now!!! It is seriously the best and can be used for practically anything. From cooking, to your body and even as mouth wash, bet you didn’t know that.

I use coconut oil on a daily basis. I get bitten my mozzie everyday and I scratch which is always the worst you can do and then I get scars. Which isn’t very nice to look at and some scars I’ve had for years. Until I did some research on coconut oil. It is one of the most natural oils you can use. On the plus side you can buy a lot of it pretty cheap. So I rub my legs day and night and not only has it taken the mozzie bites and scars away. My skin is getting hydrated and becoming soft and smooth.

So I started to do more research and it is super safe to use on babies. Winning! Both my babies have gotten cradle cap and I’m just thought it looked grossed. I rub coconut oil their heads for a couple of days and boom gone.

I also use coconut oil as my mouth wash now if you can believe it. You have to start small though so just a little bit in your mouth at a time. You can’t swallow it or spit it down the drain. Simple just swish it around your mouth for 5 minutes to begin with and work your way up to 15 minutes. It takes all of the bacteria out of your mouth, helps your gums and even whitens your gums!! Amazing.

So make sure next time you are at the shops get some coconut oil. We only have a Woolworths so I just get the Macro brand – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. However there are heaps of other brands around. Just make sure there isn’t any added nasties.
Until next time xx

The Young Farm Wife

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