5 tips for living in the country 

I started living on the farm 3 years ago and I can tell there are a lot of things I have learnt along the way. There are things that I definitely exspected and things that totally took me by surprise and knocked me off my feet. I guess that’s country living though you never know what you are going to get. If it’s the weather, the animals, the kids or even just trying to get to town. There is always something happening. 

I’m happy to say there is never a dull moment living here but there were plenty of surprises that first year. So here some of things I wish I knew before taking a giant leap and moving to a farm. 

1. When you are married to a farmer there is definitely farm time. Which means when they say they will be home for dinner soon. What they are actually saying is I’ll be home for dinner  but not at a reasonable hour. So be prepared and don’t have dinner sitting on the table. Keep it warm in the oven. This also means lunch time too! So if you are having a family lunch make sure you tell them an half an hour earlier than what you really want. Then maybe only maybe we will be on time. 

2. This applies if you live on a property with cattle. Be prepared for the kill days. We have a butcher that comes and kills and chops up one of the beast about every 4 months or so. So you will see the whole beast getting chopped as you have to help with the packing of the meat. This was a massive eye opener for me. I thought by seeing this I would become a vegetarian but when it’s that fresh the beef is actually the best so I couldn’t resist. Also our butcher has the best jokes that are hilarious. So if you can’t deal with the smell of fresh meat then maybe you should skip the cut up day. 

3. This one is very important. The weather. At some point the conversation will be about the weather. I know this is silly but you don’t realise how important the weather is for a farmer until you are directly effected on a weekly basis. 

4. The bloody flies. I don’t think I have ever had to swat so many in all my life. I have to admit I have even swallowed and had some fly up my nose and never to be seen again. And let me tell you it is a horrible feeling and it’s something you don’t get use to. They are always landing on you and always on the places you don’t want to be touched. I know fully understand why they invented the corkscrew hats but I would prefer a full body cover but I would definitely look to ridiculous. 

5. Lastly be prepared to fall in love with the land. I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful and untouched the views are. Every single morning I wake up to an amazing sunrise and every afternoon I witness the most beautiful sunset. There is never one the same, it is always different. This place has completely won me over. It is the most perfect place to have a family and raise our children (minus the snakes). 

There may be deadly snakes, frogs jumping out at me, drought or even storms where the thunder is sound loud it wakes you up from a sleep. But this place has definitely taken my heart. Oh and I get to wake up beside my amazing farmer as well. 

Until next time xx

The Young Farm Wife 
This was the farmer and I’s engagement photo and there wasn’t even a filter apply. 

Photo taken by: Lauren Norton one of my dearest friends. Thank you 

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