friday night footy or movie date?


Yes, its finally here Friday night, the weekend woohoo! My farmer is home home early and by early I mean 7pm so Rems in his bed asleep and I’m feeding Gretchen. Dinner is leftover spagball from last night and thank gosh because I really didn’t feel like cooking a whole lot tonight. So there is another tick and now for a good movie before bed but of course I have forgotten it bloody freaking footy season again. How did I forgot, oh yer that’s right I have a million other motherly/house chores I need to do but all I wanted was to forget for a couple of hours. Snuggle up with my husband and watch a good chickflick or mostly like a comedy.

But no, the freaking NRL has won! Does this happen in every household on a Friday night? It’s not that I don’t like the footy I just think it’s starting to get soft, there are so many more rules now, you just can’t keep up. However if my teams playing then we definitely have to watch. Go the Broncos!!

So I have finished feeding my girl and popped her into her bassinet by 8:40pm and now I’m crossing my fingers and praying she sleeps all night, pretty please. The bassinet is in our room still as she is only 4 months today actually.  I’m secretly looking forward to her moving into her own room but I know as soon as I do that I’ll miss her even more.

It feels like only yesterday the Farmer and I were taking the 30 minute drive into town at 5:30am to the hospital to have her. Gretch’s birthing story is great but Rem’s on the other hand holy cow was that a mission. I’ll leave those stories for another time though.

Well the footy is still going so I’m going to go and try and get my snuggle for the last 2 minutes left of the game.

Looking forward to my weekend of adventures with my wild boy, my gentle baby girl and the Farmer.

Until next time xx

The Young Farm Wife

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