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The Young Farm Wife-25

I only recommend products I use & absolutely love and all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

My wonderful amazing mum showed me this fantastic brand and I’m totally in love with it, as it’s safe around my kids because there are no harsh chemicals and its good for the environment. So its a win win in my books!!

This brand  has something for everywhere and anywhere in your house. From the kitchen to the bathroom, laundry to the floor, body and skin care products. It’s too good to be true but it is true.

So Norwex is the name a Norway company that is changing the world one household at a time. It reduces chemicals in the home and in the environment. They have been around for 23 years now and are one of the most respected cleaning and personal care companies. You can check them out here for yourself

As I’m a farmer’s wife I’m not made of money so I need to find products that a good and will go the distance. Especially living in a red dirt country, the dirt gets into every nock and cranny. I was a really a believer to begin with but the more and more my mother showed me I was sold.

So here are my Top 7 Norwex products that I can’t live without.

  1. Cleaning Paste – this is my number 1 for a reason because you can use anywhere in the house and I mean absolutely anywhere. The kitchen bench top, the sink, the oven , the stovetop and even in the bathroom. It is fantastic and all you need with the paste is a cloth and water and then just clean away, nice and easy. One tube of this paste can last over 2 years. I still have my first tube and I haven’t even reached half way yet and I’ve only had mine a year and a half. So this product is great value for money.
  2. Enviro cloth – you can also use this cloth anywhere as well and all you need to do is to chuck it in the washing machine when it needs a clean and you don’t need anything special to wash it with either, just water. These also last for years and don’t get holes in them.
  3. Washing Machine Powder – comes in a 1kg packet for $24 and can do 60 loads which only $0.40cents a load which is amazing
  4. The Mop – now for the mop head you don’t need any special soap to go with it just water and whatever mop head you. There is a basic, tiled or dry mop head and all you need to use is water. The head just sticks right onto the mop end and you just pull it off and wash it in the sink and go again.
  5. Body Wash Cloth – This is great for all skin types as you just use water with it. So at the end of the day when I’m shower I just use my body wash cloth to wash off my makeup. It’s great because it doesn’t dry out your skin and you aren’t using any chemicals on your face as well.
  6. Stain Remover – This is great if you get anything on your clothes. Its very gentle and you can see it working right in front of your eyes. Just use a bucket of water and dip your clothes in squirt a little bit of the stain remover and gentle scrub and until it comes off. Of course it will work better the sooner you get to washing it.
  7. Mini Enviro Cloths – These are amazing if you have kids as they are always getting dirty sticky hands. Just keep them in your handbag with a mini spray bottle you can buy from any local two dollar shop. Squirt your hands with some water and wash with the enviro cloth.

When I first purchased my Norwex products I got them in a pack so it ended up being a lot cheaper. There are plenty of YouTube clips to show you exactly how to use all your products but most of them are common sense.

I hope this proves helpful if you are no the market for some good cleaning products that are reducing chemicals in the household and environment.

Happy testing!

The Young Farm Wife

My mother and son using the enviro cloth to clean the windows with just water.

Photo Taken By: The Young Farm Wife

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