Pumpkin picking day 

We started to pick our pumpkins again today and after all the rain we got last week it was a chance of getting bogged. 

Within the first 50 metres we got bogged. It was that bad I couldn’t even reverse back and try again. The farmer had to go out and get the bigger tractor to pull me out the rest of the drive track. 

The farmer even had to pull us agin through the next whole row because it’s just too darn wet. The tyres where just spinning out of control and the mud was flying everywhere. Oh and this whole time baby Gretchen was asleep the entire time on my chest in the baby harness. 

Yes that right i take the kids with me on the tractor. My son was on the tractor from the age of 2 weeks and Gretchen 3 weeks. So I also have to breastfeed them while driving. So luckily the tractor is only going walking pace. This how the farmer and I save money. Instead of paying a back packer to sit on the tractor, I get the great job. 

It isn’t the best job but it is good when it’s 36 degrees outside and I’m in a closed cab tractor with aircon. Other times I would kill to be out on the ground picking the pumpkins or the watermelons just to get off my ass. It doesn’t sound like it but sitting for the tractor for 6-8 hours a day 6 days a week for a couple of months oh and holding and feeding my baby. My back gets freaking sore. It’s probably not the best idea to be doing it so soon after giving birth but I like being out and helping the farmer out. 

My kids both wore ear muffs and they can both now sleep wherever cause they are so use to loud noises and bumpy roads. I guess that’s the luck of growing up on a farm. 

Today we don’t have enough workers so the farmer is on the ground picking with the men. It’s a tough job bending down and standing up thousands of times.  Next time you are buying your pumpkin think about how it got there. Hard work and lots of tender loving care from the farmer.

Until next time xx

The Young Farm Wife 
Photo: taken by me the trailer and the tractor bogged. 

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