Almost terrible twos 

Sometimes I think there is no such thing as the terrible 2s but after the hour I just had well maybe there is some merit to it. 

There is 2 months until my wild boy is 2 and holy cow did he chuck tantrum tonight. He has never ever done that before so it was all new to me. 

It was time for dinner and boy oh boy did he not want to have dinner. He was crying but there wasn’t any tears but the whinging and calling out ‘mum’ and ‘come on’ which is the words we use when we are calling our cattle. 

The poor boy just wanted to watch Paw Patrol but I don’t like the TV on after 6pm. I don’t want my kids to get addicted to it but it seems like he already is. Nooooo my worst fear! Not really but I want them to make their own fun and make up games not to rely on TV. 

Anyways Rems head was slumped over and bottom lip was dropped and I’m sure he thought his whole world was crashing down because I wouldn’t turn on the TV and I wanted him to have dinner. 

So because he was making such a fuss went on to have a shower instead. Wow was that hard I started to undress him and then I made it cause he wanted his clothes back on. So I thought okay then maybe he is just really tired so I’ll just put a fresh nappy on and put him to bed. 

Well when I started to put clothes back on him for bed he started to cry for a shower. When my kids start to cry I’m not very good as it starts to stress me out as I don’t like seeing them upset, it’s horrible but I knew I had to a bit tough in this situation. 

I said to him ‘Remington you need to stop crying and use your words and tell me what you would like because you know how to talk now’ and after saying them about 10 times he started to get it. It was frustrating but I have always found that the more I keep calm which is very difficult for me and stay consistent it really does help. However in saying that I know every child is different and it did take about 30-45 minutes for my boy to settle. 

I put him in the shower and he was happy. It was like a switch, he was unhappy and bang he was happy. Are all kids like that? I hope my girl doesn’t do that. 

Oh yes I forgot to mention while my son was having a moment and being all sad my beautiful started to feel pain and she started to cry. It’s a domino effect with these two. They don’t like to see each other upset which in a way it’s kind of adorable. 

What I’m trying to say is that even though my son was screaming and crying and carrying on, I tried to keep my cool. I almost lost it a couple of times but I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe. I may not keep my cool like this when he is a teenager, I can’t even think that far ahead at the moment. 

Remember in times of those tantrums but take a minute to gather yourself breathe and then try and calm situation. I know it’s all well and good to say this and of course it might not work but most of the time if you keep cool it can help calm down your kids because you aren’t putting all your anger onto them. 

Unit next time xx

The Young Farm Wife 

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