Can a clean house really make you happy? 

Before bed every night I make a list of everything that I need to do and that list is never ending. Most nights the top of my list is cleaning the house. It get dirty so quick with a toddler. The mess is never ending with my lot. 

I love waking up to a clean house but not every morning when I wake up is the house clean. 

Does this make me disappointed? Yes. Dose this make me angry? Yes. And do I wish I had done it the night before? Yes!! Of course yes!!!! 

But is it worth stressing over and getting upset or even losing sleep.  No. This is something the farmer has taught me. Why bother worrying or stressing over things when that won’t help the problem or situation. 

Don’t waste your time or energy on that, put it into the things that matter most. 

Waking up next to the love of your life each morning and getting to see your kids smiles when they wake up. Life is wonderful and each moment is precious so make sure you live it. 

Cleaning the house can be done whenever but your kids are growing and changing everyday they are a gift and a blessing. 

A clean house does make me happy but seeing my family enjoying life makes me more happy. 

So after this I’m going to kiss my babies and tell my farmer I love him and he can clean the kitchen tonight. Haha

The Young Farm Wife xx 
Photo: Taken by yours truly in the moment of happiness and bliss. Just a normal 5am start for us. 

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