Weekend away

This past week has been hectic for the farmer and I. We have picked pumpkins and got bogged over 10 times and have been to the Gold Coast and Brisbane to visit my family and for me to judge at a gymnastics competition. 

When you have kids you don’t realise how much you actually have to pack especially when they are both in nappies. Lucky I have a big boot but I’m starting to think I need a bigger car, like the Dodge Rams they have in the States. 

This is what we packed 

– double pram (which takes up over half the boot)

– a bag for Tieran and I 

– a bag for both kids and nappies 

– toiletries 

– my judging uniform 

– some snacks 

– two travel portable cots 

– 2 sets of sheets for the cots 

– laptop

Traveling with kids does take up a lot of room but if you organise everything before you leave,  then it’s a lot easier. 

Whenever the farmer and I go on a trip that’s 3 hours of more in the car we try to leave late in the afternoon at around dinner time so then we feed the kids and sleep the whole time. 

However this time around we left around 2pm and I made sure my toddler didn’t have his nap during the day, so then he would have his afternoon nap in the car and it would last longer. 

And we did have a successful trip down thank god. There were no iPads used for the four hour trip. A miracle. 

My farmer is a champion as he looked after both the kids while I did what I love, judging gymnastics. He did have some help though from my beautiful mother and some amazing parents from where I worked before I moved to the farm. It was so wonderful to have all the help so I could do what I love. 

It was so great to catch up with all my friends in the gym world. Also great seeing the kids progress each year with their skills and how they are all growing up to beautiful, kind and dedicated young ladies. 

Taking 5 days away from home just goes so quick and then all of a sudden it’s the morning we need to pack the car and leave. Which is always the worst part of any trip away.

However I love going to visit the family and this Easter weekend the family is coming up to visit me. Well let’s get it straight they don’t come up to visit me anymore its all about the kids. 

Next time xx 

The Young Farm Wife 
Photo by me: this is what you do when you are stuck at a gymnastics comp. 

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