Routine or no routine? 

To be honest at first I didn’t have any routine as I really had no idea what I was doing. We both didn’t. 

The farmer and I seriously wing it most of the time and if we really aren’t sure we ring the best people we know. His mother or mine but sometimes they both can’t remember what they did, mostly my mum though. To fair my mother was a single mother when I was very young so she had to work her ass off for my sister and I. Both my mother and mother inlaw are two strong women and I definitely look up to both of them. 

Back to the point is routine good for babies? Well in the beginning for the farmer and I we just went with the flow. It was winter and we aren’t super busy in winter so Rem just went to bed when we went to bed and did everything we did. 

Oh the joys of having one baby, simple but having no idea what to do. 

However 6 months down the track we were ready to harvest our summer crop which is watermelons. We needed to get up crazy early cause it gets so hot. So my job during this time of their than feeding the baby is driving the tractor. 

I love helping out where I can and plus we save money with me driving the tractor. I’m definitely not best driver but I sure am getting better, especially with getting through gates with a 10 – 15 meter long tractor and picking trailer. If my city friends could see me now. Haha  

So my bub is in a baby carrier on me while I drive. Don’t worry I put ear muffs on my bub as it does get pretty loud sometimes. So it’s safe to say my kids can both fall asleep with loud noises, which is definitely a really good thing. I never have to tip toe around the house at nap time. 

For the farmer and I in haverest time a routine kind of goes out the window and we just do what’s best for us. And lucky I have amazing inlaws who are always there to help us with kids.

I guess a routine works if your life isn’t always changing. When living on a farm there are always things changing on a daily basis like if it’s harvest time, a cow is sick, power goes out or the farmer is out spraying a crop. Everyday is different so we adapt to what’s happening around us. 

Always do what’s best for your family and no one knows your family better than you. 
The Young Farm Wife xx 

Photo: by Cassandra Broomhall Photography 

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