I can’t garden, sorry Kathy! 

It’s true I do love in the country and you’d think that would mean I have some sort knowledge and even love for growing things and looking after a garden but in all honesty I don’t. 

I don’t think there is a bone in my body that could help me. 

I hear what people are telling me about how easy it is to garden and look after plants but it’s like it’s another language. I just don’t get it. 

Obviously I know the basics like plants and flowers need water but then some don’t need as much as other and some can’t have too much sun. Then some plants and flowers only grow at certain times of the year and they still have to be looked after even if they aren’t blooming.

I must be bloody stupid about that last point because as a city person when I went to get fruit and vegetables it never crossed my mind why sometimes they weren’t available. Hello Amy, ding dong there are summer and winter crops. What an idiot I tell you. 

As my brother inlaw says to me and mind you he has said it more than once ‘You don’t know how to garden?’ Looking at me like I’m stupid which he has given me this look quiet a bit since moving to the farm. Like everyone in world should know how to garden and grow things. But in my head I’m thinking I could name more than a dozen people who would be in the same boat as me for not know a thing or two about gardening. 

My farmer and I are lucky enough to live beside my inlaws or should I say they are the lucky ones to live beside me. They might not agree with that. Now Kathy my mother inlaw has some beautiful gardens around the house we currently live in. And me being me piped up and said I’ll help you look after them but I don’t know how. 

I kind of wish there was just a button I pushed to set off the sprinkles. Oh and then there is the weeds and the pruning. 

Now weeds, some weeds look pretty to us city folk and when I ask my farmer oh look that pretty flower what’s that called? He looks at me with a dashing smile ‘Darling that’s a weed!’ And let me tell you. That’s a normal phrase for my farmer to repeat to me. 

Also I forget that in gardens there are bugs and creepy crawlers and things that fly, oh and sometimes snakes. These are all things I’m terrified of and scare the pants of me. So the thought of even getting to close to the rose bushes makes me anxious as I’m scared something might jump out at me. Which is really quite ridiculous but I’m from the city, nothing really jumps out at you unless it’s a drunk person in a bush when you’re walking down at surfers (Gold Coast). 

So I regret to inform you Kathy (my wonderful mother inlaw) I have absolutely no idea how to look after a garden. 

I’m a farmers wife but definitely not keen on gardening. Maybe after years of trying and learning I might come to love it. 

So I’m Sorry Kathy but I just don’t know how to garden. 
The Young Farm Wife xx

But I’m willing to learn! 

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