Putting my babies to sleep

Putting my son to sleep has to be the hardest thing I do all day, well other that pulling my sleep deprived body out of bed each morning. 

Especially since my oldest is Two in the next month or so. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to tell you how many weeks old he is. I’m not one of those parents who can tell you extactly how many months, weeks, days and hours old their baby is. However I did count how many days old my baby was once cause it just sounded so much cooler on instagram saying he or she was 100days. Well you got to have a good post sometimes. 

Anyways back to saying good night. It is so beautiful and fantastic and your fist pumping the air with your husband when you child goes down easy. You almost want to have a party but then you remember your house is a mess or you just have another child waiting for you in your bed wanting another feed. #mumlife 

But seriously getting your kids to sleep peaceful has definitely got to be a highlight because the nights it’s takes hours, for sure out weights the easy nights. So the farmer and I hell yeah celebrate the good nights with an early night to bed. Yep not even a movie we are too bloody tired to whip out a movie. We can barely make the whole way through an hour program on TV. Classic parenting right there. #parentlife or you could say #farmerswife the farmer is always asleep before his head even hits the pillow. 

Well tonight I just had one of the bad nights. It wasn’t that it took hours or even longer than 15 minutes. It was that my 5 month old girl was crying in the other room just wanting to be held or feed and all my son wanted tonight was his mummy. So everytime I said ‘night mate I love’ and started to leave he actually said ‘Mum please stay’ and ‘Mum please sing’ it was in the sweetest little voice just so soft and innocent. He was just on the verge of wanting to cry which made me tear up and I didn’t want to leave. But my daughter was crying and I knew as soon as I’d walk out he would call out ‘mummy mummy come back’. Which is not what you want to hear. Lucky we have mad a good night time routine for our son and I knew he would fall asleep within 30 second of me closing the door.

So by the time I had shut his door walked 20 metres to the other room and before I had even picked up my baby girl, there was silence in the house again. My girl, Gretchen had stopped screaming and my sweet boy Remington had fallen asleep.

I always feel like such a bad mother when this happens and I’m lucky as it probably only happens maybe once a week if I’m unlucky. Every other night he falls asleep like a champ and doesn’t get upset when you tuck him in bed and leave the room. We have been very lucky with that. 

 It’s like catch 22, I don’t want to be that parent that lets their child cry themselves to sleep but then when you are the only parent at home for bedtime it’s tough. You have to made the decision of what happens here. And to hear my child call out for me is really tough but then you also start to think I hope he doesn’t hate me for this. Is it really going to effect him in the future with what I have just done.

My farmer is out working his arse off for our family and  I’m wrangling the kids hoping to raise good kids. We all have our job and purpose but tonight I would have loved having my farmer beside me as I closed the door on my son as I said good night. He voice calms me and always makes me feel so much better. Just the words ‘it’s alright Amy, he will be fine’ is all I need. 

Being a wife and a mother is tough but being a farmers wife and country mum, nothing could prepare me for this challenging road ahead. So I’m taking it day by day week by week. Sometimes the kids and I have a shocker of a day but then tomorrow is a new day so we can start again. Don’t let the bad days bring you down. Everyday is a blessing and especially if you get to spend it with your happy and healthy family. 

The Young Farm Wife xxx 


If you are having trouble getting your kids into a good Sleep pattern. I’ve heard amazing things about this mama. I haven’t had to use her yet but if my kids start to have problems this babe is the one I’ll be calling. Everything I have heard is amazing. www.thesleepmama.com

Photo: Of my boy and me always being silly 

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