414-Amy & TieranHi there, I’m a farmers wife and mother to our two darling feral children who are currently both under two and anyone else who has been in this situation can understand that is a bloody tough and absolutely wonderful all at the same time. The love you have for your kids is just incredible feeling and lucky enough my farmer loves them as much as me.

The Wife: I’m Amy and I’m 26 years old and we live on a farm, we grow watermelons and pumpkins in the summer and also have cattle and other crops. I grew up in the city so these past 3 years after marrying the farmer have been quite the adventure. I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about myself but more so I’ve learnt about the land and the men and women who about live in the country.

Now here’s the boring part about my background. I grew up on the Gold Coast with my amazing parents who I love and adore and my beautiful talented big sister. We had a whole lot of fun growing up but I’ll get to all those stories another time. When I was about 6 years old and always running around like a head chook and always pestering my mother, she decided it was time for me to have a hobby. Little did she know that hobby would turn into 24 hours a week of training. I became a competitive gymnast and trained for 10 years. There was tears, a lot of sweat and plenty of bloody and oh there injuries but i just couldn’t stop. I thought gymnastics was the love of my life. I reached level 10 and represented my state several times and gymnastics is still a passion of mine to this day. Gymnastics taught me a lot of life skills which I didn’t realise throughout my training I would use almost everyday. You need strength, dedication, persistence and a strong mind to achieve the impossible. I have found out these past 3 years that this is what makes a farmer as well. So basically I think I was bored to be a farmer’s wife. It’s not always about making sure lunch or dinner is ready onetime (that’s if the bloody farmer would come home at a reasonable time) but it’s about getting out there, helping the family and getting your hands dirty.

Since moving I have been driving all sorts tractors, bobcats, doing cattle work, seen calves being born, planting watermelons/pumpkins and much more. No ever said this life was going to be easy but it sure as hell ain’t boring. I think I live in the most beautiful place in the world, because who wouldn’t want to wake up to million dollar sunrises.

The Farmer (will remain nameless): He’s 24 years old and he was born and bred on this farm with his amazing parents, 2 brothers and sisters. Now we get to raise our own children here too. His family has been living here for at least 100 years. It’s an impressive place to be.  He is the kindest, sweetest, most gently loving man I have ever met and I’m one lucky lady to be spending the rest of my life with him.

The Ratbags: Our son who is the oldest and I actually think he is wild, Remington is 1 1/2 and our darling girl Gretchen is 3 months. And yes it has been hectic, as our darling girl was born 1 week before we start harvesting our watermelons. December onwards is always our busiest time of year. So we were running on no sleep for a couple of months back there. As for my son I had to make the decision to send him to-daycare 5 days a week as it was just easier for the Farmer and myself. While Gretchen stayed strapped to my chest driving the tractor everyday.  However Remington the little bugger absolutely loved daycare and had no problem being there Monday to Friday for weeks on end. 

All in all the reason I’m here is to give you an insight to the how a city lady like myself, has found her place in life being a farmer’s wife. I hope you get a little laugh from all the crazy questions I have been asking along the way and maybe appreciate the fruit and vegetables you buy on a weekly basis. 

Love from the Farm 

Amy xx

The Young Farm Wife

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