Grocery Shopping with kids 

Why is it when you you decide to take your kids to do the grocery shop and you need it to done quick and the kids are having a good day so you are really optimistic that this shop will be successful.

How stupid am I for thinking this is going to go fast and be simple. It’s never easy shopping with a toddler and a new born.

It’s basically like a a bloody cyclone. It starts slow, then escalates quickly and ends in crying, distruction and devastation!

You’ll have one or both of them crying, groceris destroyed in trolley and your mortified that your children could create such a show and everyone in the mall should have bought tickets to see the show.

However this isn’t something that happens every time but sometimes it does.

The worst part is when you have people constantly staring at you thinking you can’t control your kids. You are already embarrassed enough with your kids going wild without having everyone stare.

Its all well and good to say you don’t care whatever one else is saying but for another mum or even me sometimes you’d just wish no one would judge or even maybe offer some help.

Next time I do my shop with both kids and everything starts to belly up, I’ll just take a breath and remember it could always be worse.

At least they make it interesting. Love you kids!
The Young Farm Wife xx


If my kids are anything like me when they are older shopping will just get harder. They will drop extra food in and oh then the arguing will start. So I’m pretty happy that I can just pick my kids up and put them under my arm like a surfboard for now. Thank gosh!