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The Young Farm Wife-23

There are two products I use daily in my household when cleaning because when you have kids there is always mess to be cleaned. Well in my house I’m constantly cleaning up after my toddler and there is aways something spilt on the floor, crumbs everywhere, kitchen mess and clothes that need to be washed like yesterday.

These two products are something I always buy on my weekly grocery shop not because they are super cheap but you can never have enough.

Bi-carb and plain white vinegar!

You can get this at any coles, woolworths, IGA or Aldi. I get mine from Woolworths and the vinegar comes in 2LT bottles for about $1.75 and the bi-carb comes in about 300g. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the bi-carb anywhere in bigger proportions where I live.

Here are my top 5 places I use the products.

  1. Washing Machine – This is the most natural and gentle products to use on your clothes. I just use one scoop of bi-carb where you would normally put you laundry powder and where the soften goes you put the white vinegar. I know what you must be thinking that your clothes will smell of vinegar but not at all. I believe its fresher once it ready to hang up. Its also pretty good for getting stains out straight away. So as soon as you get home take the clothes off soak it in water with the bi-carb and give it a scrub and it will be as good as new.
  2. Dishwashing Machine – I never use rinse aid, I just pour the white vinegar in and it does the exact same job and it doesn’t make anything smell.
  3. Bathroom – Use an old toothbrush or your mircofiber cloth dip in into the vinegar and water and then spread the bicarb where you want to clean and watch the dirt and grime come right off. Of course you’ll have to put some effort into scrubbing but it will come clean.
  4. Kitchen Sink – Once again you use a microfibre cloth and spread bi-carb on the cloth or straight onto the sink drains and scrub with water.
  5. Floors – If you got tiles or timber floor using a bit of vinegar with your water to mop will disinfect your floors without using any harmful chemicals.

Since becoming a mum I’m all about using safe products around my children and specially not that I live in the country and we have a septic I can’t use damaging products for the system. Oh yer its also not harmful to the environment so thats a massive tick.

Hope this helps out a fellow mother in need.

Love The Young Farm Wife xx

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