No amount of reading parenting books or years of babysitting will ever prepare you for the long road of being a mother. When holding your baby for the first time it is such an incredible feeling that just can’t be explained and all your emotion go into overdrive. When holding your baby you promise yourself that you will do whatever it takes to keep him safe and your heart explodes with a love that will never end.

Motherhood is definitely the hardest thing I have ever chosen to do. However in saying that this is the path I wanted, I wanted to be a mother and every step along the way will be my greatest journey and acomplishment. Getting to watch my babies grow is and will always be the highlight of my life but getting to do it with my amazing farmer is definitely the icing on top.

My almost 2 year old is already challening me in more ways then one but then when you see that he is starting to use his manners and show his kind heart to his sister (sometimes) its all worth the crying, tantrums, repeating yourself endlessly and consitantly saying ‘no’ (yep I’m a parent who uses this word all the time and sometimes I add ‘hell no’) it is all worth every second.

Taking your child home from the hospital is the most terrifying not only cause you need to figure out how to put the carseat in but you now need to put your tiny baby it in. Let me tell you it doesnt get any easier, you just get quicker at it. Honestly when the farmer and I brought our son home when seriously sat there and just watched him. We were so worried about the silliest thing that would actually not even happen in the real world but we were prepared, well so we thought.

Hopefully the tips I have learnt these past 2 years with my crazy two will help you out. It will only be about my pregnancies, sleeping, looking after yourself, exercising and learning to life a balanced lifestyle.


The Young Farm Wife

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