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These recipes are for anyone who struggles in the kitchen to make up anything with leftover in the fridge, doesn’t like too many steps but wants to be able to cook a roast meal and wants to cook healthy meals for you and your family (even your picky husband or kids) . Well then these recipes are for you!

When I single I knew how to cook but really I could only cook to my likely not really for any dinner parties or family gatherings. Since marrying the farmer and moving to the farm I have had to learn a whole lot more.

I’m from a family of eaters who love to eat all different types of food from all over the whole. However my farmer just loves the simple food, meet and 3 veg, which for him is just a piece of steak and potatoes. I told the farmer from the beginner I was not having kids who only eat select foods, they need to eat everything.

I had to learn how to cook from my mother in law for my farmers to actually be really happy with dinner even though he does give my dinners ago when its not something he likes. Now I have combined the both, simple, diverse and healthy.

Winning!! xx

The Young Farm Wife